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 Date updated: December 17, 2018

Please check out my updated Pen Show Calendar to see where I will be throughout 2019.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!

I am spending the rest of 2018 enjoying time with my family and friends. Therefore, there will be no new repairs for the remainder of the year. Repairs and restorations will resume in 2019.


Martins Pens 51 LEs

I’m happy to announce that I have had the Bexley Pen Company help me design fountain pens for Martins Pens 51 which are Limited. I had two colors made, a blue swirl and a green swirl. I have fine, medium, and bold steel nibs available.  All of the pens use convertors included with the pen. The Green pen has gold trim and the blue silver trim.

Email if you would like to purchase or if you have questions.



I've been collecting and restoring pens for over 20 years.

Since retiring in 2003, I've developed a worldwide client base for sales and restoration, which has made for an unbelievable network of many wonderful people interested in the pen hobby.

My interest in fountain pens began during grade school with a Sheaffer cartridge pen. Later in life, Parker 51 pens became an obsession for me and I later branched out into other models of Parker and Sheaffer pens. "Snorkel Solutions."

I continue to restore Snorkel pens using the special point holder gaskets and other pens as well.

Please visit the various areas of my site to see the services, parts and pens I have to offer. Thank you for visiting my web site. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.